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Become a better writer with these five extensions for Firefox

Sometimes the hardest thing to write is the first word. It means you’re committed. No looking back now. You can’t leave that lone word just sitting there. Better add a second word, then a third. Now you’re on your way.  Procrastination can be a major blocker for writers. While putting everything off until the last […]

Peace of mind browser add-ons for Firefox

The web can be as wonderful as it is overwhelming. Fortunately there are ways you can customize Firefox with add-ons to achieve a more harmonious browsing experience. Here are a few examples—from soothing visual enhancements to great tools for mental clarity and peace of mind. Firefox themes Perhaps the easiest way to bring good vibes […]

Firefox B!tch to Boss extension takes the sting out of hostile comments directed at women online

A great swathe of the internet is positive, a place where people come together to collaborate on ideas, discuss news and share moments of levity and sorrow, too. But there’s also a dark side, where comments, threads and DMs are peppered with ugly, hostile language designed to intimidate and harass. Women online, especially women who […]

3 Firefox extensions to make streaming video awesome

’90s vibes: Fresh themes for Firefox, video calls and more

Raise your hand if your watchlists are showing signs of ‘90s reruns. Saved by the Bell, Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are making comfort TV comebacks along with bike shorts, oversize button-downs and bandanas, which could honestly be the WFH meets socially distant uniform of the summer. Visually the ‘90s give so much […]

Extension Spotlight: SponsorBlock for YouTube

Have you ever been engrossed in music or a great video when YouTube suddenly interrupts your experience to inject an ad? It’s jarring and ruins the mood of any moment. “It made me really frustrated,” extension developer Ajay Ramachandran recalls about the first time he experienced an intrusive mid-play ad. “I remember seeing comments on […]

Celebrate Pride with these colorful browser themes for Firefox

As June comes to a close, we wanted to share some of our favorite LGBTQ browser themes, so you can celebrate Pride well into the summer and beyond. Gay Pride Burst Pride Flag Lesbian Pride Flag (Orange) TG Pride Trans Pride by Miri Bear Gay Pride Pansexual Pride Not seeing the right theme for you? […]

We got your back-ground

A lot of us are spending more time collaborating on video conferences whether it’s for school, work or personal time. More time on video means a lot more opportunities for hilarity, like when reporter Will Reeve was live on GMA without pants on. It’s also a great chance to show off your individuality through avatars […]

Facebook Container extension for Firefox

Prevent Facebook from tracking you around the web. The Facebook Container extension for Firefox helps you take control and isolate your web activity from Facebook.

13 Firefox browser extensions to make remote work and school a little better

If you are newly working or going to school from home, the remote approach can be a big shift in how to get things done. Firefox has a number of browser extensions that might help make the #WFH transition a little easier and more productive. Organize your tabs If your work typically means having a […]