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Sharing your deepest emotions online: Did 2020 change the future of therapy?

Amid the COVID-19 lockdowns of early 2020, millions of Americans found themselves trapped at home with a backlog of unaddressed mental-health issues. As with so many other things, computer screens and video calls became the only portals out of lockdown—for work, entertainment and, ultimately, real psychological help.

Zeke Smith on internet haters, Survivor and sending support to people online

We connected with Zeke Smith, the comedy writer who was known to fans of CBS’s Survivor as “the goofy guy with the mustache and the Hawaiian shirt” over two seasons of the show until another contestant outed Smith as a trans man. Smith found himself suddenly in the spotlight as an activist and voice of an often-invisible community.

How to actually enjoy being online again

COVID-19 accelerated changes in our behaviors that drove our lives increasingly online. Screens became our almost exclusive discovery point to the world. There were some benefits to this rapid shift. For many people, work was able to continue relatively uninterrupted at home, almost anything could be ordered online and delivered, and we were able to […]

Class of Zoom: The reality of virtual graduation, prom & college orientation

Last spring, Norah W. took note of how former President Barack Obama, Beyoncé and K-Pop band BTS broadcasted impassioned commencement speeches to the graduating class of 2020. Now that it’s her turn to mark the end of high school, she can’t help but feel disregarded. “It felt like the entire world mourned the class of […]

Enter our college essay contest for a chance to win $5,000

The world this year’s college graduates will inherit is vastly different than the one they grew up expecting. COVID-19, a changing political climate, and a fluctuating economy all have something to do with it. But one of the biggest factors: continuous advancements in technology. New developments in social platforms, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality continue […]

Detroit’s digital divide reminds us how far America has to go for internet equity

The need for equitable broadband internet access has been a problem since the term “digital divide” was first coined in the mid-1990s, but these conversations are getting renewed attention as a result of COVID-19 forcing lives online more rapidly in 2020 than ever before. At Mozilla, we are committed to building an internet that includes […]

What are deceptive design patterns?

Deceptive design patterns are tricks used by websites and apps to get you to do things you might not otherwise do, like buy things, sign up for services or switch your settings. Another phrase used to describe deceptive design patterns is dark patterns*, which was originally coined in 2010 by user experience specialist Harry Brignall, […]

What is IDFA and why is this iOS update important?

During last week’s Apple event, the team announced a lot of new products and a new iPhone color, but the news that can have the biggest impact on all iPhone users launched today with iOS 14.5. They are finally giving users the option to get rid of IDFA, or identifier for advertisers, something that Mozilla […]

You’ve been scraped, the Facebook data leak explained

In early April, it was reported that there had been a Facebook data leak, raising alarms among Facebook account holders. Half a billion Facebook accounts were impacted. The dataset is from 2019, so it had been out there, but not widely circulated. Over the weekend, the data started popping up on popular hacking forums for […]

Mozilla Explains: SIM swapping

These days, smartphones are in just about everyone’s pocket. We use them for entertainment, sending messages, storing notes, taking photos, transferring money and even making the odd phone call. Our phones have become essential appendages to life. If you’ve ever physically lost your phone, you know that sinking, desperate feeling of checking all your pockets […]