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Gary Linden, legendary surfer & Firefox fan

Big wave surf legend and surfboard maker, Gary Linden talks the ocean, the internet and where humanity goes from here.

Zeke Smith on internet haters, Survivor and sending support to people online

We connected with Zeke Smith, the comedy writer who was known to fans of CBS’s Survivor as “the goofy guy with the mustache and the Hawaiian shirt” over two seasons of the show until another contestant outed Smith as a trans man. Smith found himself suddenly in the spotlight as an activist and voice of an often-invisible community.

How one woman founder pivoted her company online while supporting small businesses

Eighteen years ago Susie Daly started Renegade Craft as a way to build a community of artists through in-person events. When COVID-19 and the corresponding shutdown put a stop to all in-person events, like art fairs, Susie had to quickly create a new strategy for her business. This plan involved seven virtual events, revamping an […]

How two women are taking on the digital ad industry one brand at a time

In the fall of 2016, Nandini Jammi co-founded Sleeping Giants to expose for brands how their digital advertisements were showing up on websites that they didn’t intend their marketing efforts — or dollars — to support. In-house marketing teams were often shocked and confused to see their ads on websites that peddle disinformation and conspiracy […]

How one business founder is brewing new ideas for her future after a rough 2020

After years of brewing beer at home and honing her craft, Briana Brake turned her passion into a profession by starting Spaceway Brewing Company in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She was steadily building a following, and things were looking up for 2020, with opportunities bubbling on the horizon when COVID-19 hit. The pandemic set Brake […]

How one woman fired up her online business during the pandemic

Sophia Keys started her ceramics business, Apricity Ceramics, five years ago. But it wasn’t until a global pandemic forced everyone to sign on at home and Screen Time Report Scaries became a thing that her business really took off. She had never been active on social media, but decided to create relaxing videos of pottery […]

Rapid Fire: Jen Caltrider is here to help you shop safe for connected devices and apps because privacy kinda rocks

Jen Caltrider looks at how those smart speaker, fitness gadgets, wireless headphones and dating apps might be snooping on you in ways you don’t realize.

Love lockdown: Four people reveal how they stay privacy-aware while using dating apps

Dating during a global pandemic is the definition of “it’s complicated”. Between the screen fatigue and social distancing, meeting someone in today’s world feels impossible. Yet, people are still finding ways to connect through dating apps.  Like lots of apps, what users might not realize is the amount of personal information revealed when using these […]

Nir Eyal on how to overcome distractions (and be more productive)

An interview with author Nir Eyal

Tracking Diaries with Melanie Ehrenkranz

In Tracking Diaries, we invited people from all walks of life to share how they spent a day online while using Firefox’s privacy protections to keep count of the trackers that tried to follow them.  Whenever you’re online, a multitude of third parties attempt to record what you’re doing, largely without your knowledge or consent. […]