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Privacy analysis of FLoC

In a previous post, I wrote about a new set of technologies “Privacy Preserving Advertising”, which are intended to allow for advertising without compromising privacy. This post discusses one of those proposals–Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC)–which Chrome is currently testing. The idea behind FLoC is to make it possible to target ads based on the […]

Why I’m joining Mozilla’s Board of Directors

From the beginning, Mozilla has had an important vision: for the internet to benefit everyone, it should remain a global resource that is open and accessible. With this vision in mind, Mozilla has played a prominent role in the advancement of open source and community collaboration. The impact of Mozilla has catalyzed the internet as a force for good, as it touches lives in some of the least developed parts of the world.

Notes on Implementing Vaccine Passports

Now that we’re starting to get widespread COVID vaccination “vaccine passports” have started to become more relevant. The idea behind a vaccine passport is that you would have some kind of credential that you could use to prove that you had been vaccinated against COVID; various entities (airlines, clubs, employers, etc.) might require such a […]

Mark Surman joins the Mozilla Foundation Board of Directors

In early 2020, I outlined our efforts to expand Mozilla’s boards. Over the past year, we’ve added three new external Mozilla board members: Navrina Singh and Wambui Kinya to the Mozilla Foundation board and Laura Chambers to the Mozilla Corporation board. Today, I’m excited to welcome Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation, to […]

Wearing more (Mozilla) hats

For many years now — and well before I sought out the job I have today — I thought: the world needs more organizations like Mozilla. Given the state of the internet, it needs them now. And, it will likely need them for a very long time to come. Why? In part because the internet […]

Reflections on one year as the CEO of Mozilla

On this anniversary, I want to open up about what it means to be the CEO of a mission-driven organization in 2021, with all the complications and potential that this era of the internet brings with it.

Notes on Addressing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Addressing Supply Chain Vulnerabilities One of the unsung achievements of modern software development is the degree to which it has become componentized: not that long ago, when you wanted to write a piece of software you had to write pretty much the whole thing using whatever tools were provided by the language you were writing […]

Expanding Mozilla’s Boards

I’m delighted to share that the Mozilla Foundation and Corporation Boards are each welcoming a new member. Wambui Kinya is Vice President of Partner Engineering at Andela, a Lagos-based global talent network that connects companies with vetted, remote engineers from Africa and other emerging markets. Andela’s vision is a world where the most talented people […]

Next steps on trustworthy AI: transparency, bias and better data governance

Over the last few years, Mozilla has turned its attention to AI, asking: how can we make the data driven technologies we all use everyday more trustworthy? How can we make things like social networks, home assistants and search engines both more helpful and less harmful in the era ahead? In 2021, we will take […]

What WebRTC means for you

If I told you that two weeks ago IETF and W3C finally published the standards for WebRTC, your response would probably be to ask what all those acronyms were. Read on to find out! Widely available high quality videoconferencing is one of the real successes of the Internet. The idea of videoconferencing is of course […]