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11 secret tips for Firefox that will make you an internet pro

With Firefox, getting around the internet is fast, straight-forward and easy. Now you can go beyond the basics with these secret and not-so-secret tricks that make your internetting experience even more fun. Read on for some of our favorite Firefox features that you may not know about… yet. 1. Send tabs across the room If […]

How to capture screenshots instantly with Firefox

Sometimes you need to take a screenshot of something online to save it or share it with someone. Firefox has a built-in feature that makes grabbing a screenshot quick and easy. Here’s how to use the Firefox screenshot feature in your desktop browser: Use the menu Right-click for Windows or two-finger tap on Mac to […]

Firefox’s Multiple Picture-in-Picture feature is the gametime assist you need for this month’s big games

It has been a year since we were forced to stay home and recreate most of our life experiences with a screen between us. You may think you’ve reached peak multi-tasking and multi-screening by now, but Firefox has found a way to make more screens and windows actually a good thing. With the latest multi […]

Try Firefox Picture-in-Picture for multi-tasking with videos

The Picture-in-Picture feature in the Firefox browser makes multitasking with video content easy, no window shuffling necessary. With Picture-in-Picture, you can play a video in a separate, scalable window that pops out for viewing on top of all your windows. It stays and plays while you go about your other business on other tabs or […]

Make Firefox your default browser on iOS (finally!)

With iOS 14, Apple users will finally have the power to choose any default browser on iPhones and iPads. And now that there’s a choice, make it count with Firefox! It’s been a long time coming. Here’s how to set Firefox as your default browser on iOS: Download Firefox for iOS browser app*. If you […]

7 things to know (and love) about the new Firefox for Android

The newly redesigned Firefox browser for Android is here! The Firefox app has been overhauled and redesigned from the ground up for Android fans, with more speed, customization and privacy than before. There are a ton of great reasons to love the new Firefox for Android app. Here are some of our favorites.  1. […]

Get organized with Firefox Collections

The numbers aren’t in yet, but we’ll go out on a limb and say that we’ve been online more in 2020 than ever before. Of course we have! The internet is an endless font of just interesting stuff, and it’s more important than ever to keep us connected, informed and inspired. You think of something, […]

’90s vibes: Fresh themes for Firefox, video calls and more

Raise your hand if your watchlists are showing signs of ‘90s reruns. Saved by the Bell, Friends and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are making comfort TV comebacks along with bike shorts, oversize button-downs and bandanas, which could honestly be the WFH meets socially distant uniform of the summer. Visually the ‘90s give so much […]

Firefox features for remote school (that can also be used for just about anything)

Helping kids with school work can be challenging in the best of times (“new” math anyone?) let alone during a worldwide pandemic. These Firefox features can help make managing school work, and remote summer classes if those are on your horizon, a little easier. Send Tabs This feature lets you share browser tabs between devices […]

We got your back-ground

A lot of us are spending more time collaborating on video conferences whether it’s for school, work or personal time. More time on video means a lot more opportunities for hilarity, like when reporter Will Reeve was live on GMA without pants on. It’s also a great chance to show off your individuality through avatars […]